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Automated Army Body Fat Worksheets -


I've created an Excel Workbook that is the easiest, most complete solution to the hassle of looking up values from AR 600-9 when determining Body Fat measurements for soldiers. Formflow and Adobe are pretty, but they don't look up the values for you. You still need the manual for the tables. I've included the tables in this worksheet and it does all the work for you.

You may want to double-check the results. If you find any bugs or problems, or just want to make comments, please drop me an email.

In ALARACT 237/2008, DA disallows the use of unapproved third-party worksheets to calculate official body fat for soldiers. Please use the approved forms when initiating a flag based on a soldier being over their allowed body fat. Also, if anyone knows how to get this sheet 'approved', please email me.



Current Version; previous versions obsolete

v6.3; MS Excel (.zip)
20 NOV 11


Previous Versions had 59562 downloads

BodyFat Worksheet for Recruiters

Includes Non-prior service standards

v2.0; MS Excel (.zip)
25 MAY 09
Thanks to SSG Troy D. Bargo from USAREC for editing our original BodyFat Sheet
v1.0; MS Excel (.zip)
17 JAN 09

Creator: SPC Hale

v1.0; MS Excel (.zip)
30 JAN 08

Creator: SGT Cross

2002; MS Access (.zip)
26 Oct 02
Creator: Mike Lesauis

.jpg (.zip)

11 Nov 02

Creator: Joel Carter

Low-res Version (30kb)

IMPORTANT - This site nor I are affiliated with the Army Weight Control Program Proponent. I simply made the spreadsheet and needed a place to host it. You can go to the G1 Weight Control Program Proponent website at this link - http://www.armyg1.army.mil/hr/weight/default.asp. Additionally, you should know that AR 600-9 does not authorize 'the establishment of command and local forms', so this worksheet should not be used in FLAG or other legal actions against a soldier who is not within the Army's weight and bodyfat standards. Per email correspondence I received from the proponent, commanders are required to utilize the Army's form (male / female) for official records and legal actions.

Revisions -

v1.0 - 6 Aug 01 - Initial version
v 2.0 - 14 Oct 01 - Fixed error in female allowable percentage - Thanks SFC Snowdeal
v 3.0 - 19 Nov 01 - Used data validation to keep from entering incorrect measurements - Thanks COL Grimes
v3.1 - 10 Dec 01 - Added 16.00-20.75 inches to Female Neck Measurements Table per FACT SHEET by Mr. Palkoska (ATZB-PF/DSN 835-6330), dated 1 January 1994.

v 3.2 - 29 Sep 02 - New version modified by SFC Rowley. Version adds automatic 'X' for whether the soldier is or is not in compliance with Army standards and also fixes formatting for signature blocks. Thanks SFC Rowley
v 3.2c - Saves multiple entries, so you can keep track of your whole unit, up to 50 soldiers. Will not check for .25" difference in measurements. Thanks CPT Grimmond.
v 3.3 - 2 Jun 03 - Corrected data validation in circumference measurements to allow .25 variation between previous and next, but not First AND Second for the third measurement. This wouldn't have caused any incorrect body fat percentages, but would have caused measurements to be taken too many times, because it was too strict, due to a misinterpretation of AR 600-9, Appendix B, paragraph B-2b. Clarification for this is found in AR 600-9, Appendix B, paragraph B-3a. Thanks to 1SG George Joell for pointing this one out!

v 3.4 - 26 Jan 04 - Added table/actual weight and body fat percentage in remarks block by request from SFC Woodards. Also, fixed spelling error in line 1 of male worksheet (naval to navel) and in female worksheet (averate to average). Can't believe no one pointed that out in 2 1/2 yrs - Thanks 1LT Duites.
v 4.0 (Final?) - 28 Jun 04 - Linked table weight to Screening Table Weight sheet so that you no longer have to enter that data. It automatically fills. Thanks, Colin.
v 4.1 - Sep 06 - I'm working on a new version of my Body Fat Worksheets to comply with the new version of AR 600-9 published on the web today.
v5.0 - 1 Oct 06 - Compiled updated versions from CSM Michael W. Roberts and 1SG Barry L. Sell to create this version. They did most of the hard work and deserve most of the credit. I just added some comments, added the data validation to force measurements within 1/2" of the previous, and added a readme tab to the worksheet. Thanks CSM Roberts and 1SG Sell.
v5.1 - 2 Oct 06 - Corrected Screening Table Weight lookup in Female Body Fat Worksheet (DA 5501). This error did not affect body fat percentages, only what it showed in the remarks block as the soldier's Table Weight. Thanks to SSG Mcclin for finding this error.
v5.2 - 3 Oct 06 - Corrected Table Lookup error to account for circumference values larger than 66.5. In cases where this error occurred, it returned #N/A prior to this fix. Thanks to SFC Scott Woods for catching the error.
v6.0 - 25 May 09 - Corrected measurement rounding rules IAW ALARACT 237/2008, dated 301456Z SEP 08.
v6.1 - 07 Apr 11 - Thanks to MSG Stillwell for updating the form edition dates and version numbers to match the DA Form 5500, JUN 2010 and DA Form 5501, JUL 2010 PDF forms located on the Army Publishing Directorate site.
v6.2 - 6 Jul 11 - Overall review/update of format to bring worksheets in line with JUL 2010 forms, including text changes, bold text, resizing fields.
v6.3 - 20 NOV 11 - Corrected error in male table for those 72.5" tall.

v1.1 NPS Version for Recruiters - 25 Sep 08 - This version adds Non-Prior Service standards for new Recruits. Thanks to the great work by SSG Troy Bargo from USAREC for the update.

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